Scientific program

13:00-13:10Opening ceremony
13:10-14:15Live surgery. Streaming from IEO, Milan Italy
Chairs: D.V. Matei, C. Iselin, N. Crisan

Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy - O. De Cobelli
Moderators: K. Szkarlat, V. Jinga, B. Petrut

Intraoperative frozen section: technical difficulties & communication problems - G. Renne, Catalina Bungardean
Case presentation and televoter - C. Chibelean
PSM with negative MRI - D.V. Matei
State of the Art: Management of localized prostate cancer - C. Iselin
15:15-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-17:00Live Surgery. Streaming from OLV Hospital, Aalst, Belgium
Chairs: C. Iselin, I. Coman, P. Davis, Iulia Andras

Robot Assisted Partial Nephrectomy - A. Mottrie
17:00-17:30Moderators: C. Costache, I. Ioiart, V. Gherman
Current and new evidences to manage BPH patients: When and why to start 5-ARI + alpha-blocker treatment? - A. Cumpanas
Moderators: M. Georgiev, M. Varlan, I. Scarneciu

Renal mass biopsy - D.V. Matei
Renal morphometry for NSS - A. Cumpanas
Case presentation and televoter - Iulia Andras
NSS approach: where do we go - T. Borkowski
Interventional radiology in uro-oncology - L. Marginean, D. Porav, R. Filep
19:30Dinner & Book launch event
08:30-10:30 Live surgery: Radical prostatectomy
Chairs: K. Decaestecker, G. Bumbu, I. Kolombo, O. de Cobelli

Robotic - I. Coman, N. Crisan
3D Laparoscopic - P. Chlosta
3D Laparoscopic - B. Petrut
10:30-11:00Moderators: D. Porav, Z.A. Mihaly, P. Prundus
Start early in CRPC - G. Kacso
11:00-11:45 Debate
Moderators: D.V. Matei, I.D. Chira, B. Feciche

The role of MRI in surgery planning - O. de Cobelli
Case presentation and televoter - B. Feciche
Timing of MRI and prostate biopsy - I. Kolombo
11:45-12:00Coffee break
12:00-13:00Pre-recorded Surgery: Upper and lower urinary tract TCC
Moderators: A. Hasegan, M. Neculoiu, C. Manea, A. Territo

En Block resection of bladder TCC - B. Geavlete
Robotic/Laparoscopic urinary diversion - N. Crisan, Iulia Andras
Management of upper urinary tract TCC - K. Szkarlat
Laser treatment of upper urinary tract TCC - A. Territo
14:00-16:00Live Surgery: Renal surgery
Chairs: K. Szkarlat, M. Georgiev, T. Borkowski, M. Onaca

Robotic partial nephrectomy - K. Decaestecker
3D Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy - N. Crisan
3D Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy - A. Nadu
16:00-16:30Moderators: Martha Orsolya, R. Bardan, A. Boc
LUTS Management - D.V. Stanca
16:30-17:00Coffee break
Moderators: C. Rusu, O. Bratu, C. Iatagan

Staging in PCa: PET vs CT + bone scan - Federica Matteucci
The role of RALP in metastatic PCa - M. Georgiev
MRI-guided localization of biochemical recurrence - G. Petralia
Systemic vs. local salvage therapy in N0M0 rising PSA patients - S. Rascu
18:00HIGHLIGHTS and Congress Closure - K. Szkarlat, N. Crisan, DV. Matei

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